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20 Years of Delicious Italian Cuisine

Founded in 2011, Bocca Osteria is a small, family-owned Italian restaurant located in scenic Cooperstown, NY. For years, our family served New York-style pizza, generally recognized for its thin, crispy crust, with two other local pizzerias. However, I always wanted to try my hand at Neapolitan-style pizza due to my parent's heritage.  Both from Naples, Italy, my mother’s cooking was something that I wanted others to experience first-hand. In fact, my mother's family in Italy still has its own trattoria to this day. They inherited the trattoria from my grandfather, who opened it following World War II.

With help from my uncle living in Italy, Fiorentino Falso, we purchased a six-ton custom-built oven from Naples, Italy, and had it shipped over to the United States. Also with the help of two other chefs, Jeremy Harris and Mark Harrington, we opened Bocca Osteria in January 2011. My mother prepares fresh gnocchi and fettuccine daily, but we are best known for our Neapolitan pizzas. With toppings like prosciutto, figs, and truffles, you will feel like you are enjoying your very own slice of Italy.

Located in Cooperstown, NY

Visitors come to this idyllic town to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the Farmers, and Fenimore Museums, or visit the beautiful lakefront Otesaga resort. But in the past few years, the food has become its own draw. Local chefs shop at the year-round farmers’ market, and most restaurants serve the local beer, which comes from the town’s nationally revered Ommegang Brewery.—Joseph Vezza

Drop by and experience pizza the way it was meant to be enjoyed. We’re located at 5438 State Highway 28, Cooperstown NY 13326